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Rules, Introductions, and General Discussions

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18 86 need a good forum.
by heirofsalvation
Jun 6, 2015 20:41:44 GMT 3

Refuting Calvinism Verse By Verse

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No New Posts Refuting Calvinist Proof Texts

A forum to list Bible verses that specifically refute any element of Calvinism

10 19 Something must be done by the sinner in order to be saved
by scrip316
Apr 21, 2014 0:46:18 GMT 3

Free Will Debate

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No New Posts Debate on Free Will vs Determinism

13 20 Unfair Calvinist Debate Tactics
by Dr James Ach
Oct 24, 2015 22:07:12 GMT 3

Calvinist History

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No New Posts History of Calvinism and the Confessions

12 18 Irenaeus On Free Will
by Dr James Ach
May 19, 2015 0:45:02 GMT 3

Other Non Calvinist Sites

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No New Posts Non Calvinist Websites or Facebook Groups

by cantfoolmenow
Dec 28, 2013 19:06:36 GMT 3

Other Resources on Calvinism Study

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No New Posts Resources on Calvinism

Books,Articles, Recommended Readings on Calvinism

14 37 Basic Reformed Theology Explained And Exposed-Brenda Nickel
by barrie
Dec 9, 2017 15:41:05 GMT 3

Calvinist Eschatology

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No New Posts Calvinist Eschatology

Discussions Against Amillennialism, Preterism, Covenant Theology And Other Heretical Eschatology Views Held By Reformers/Calvinists

4 8 Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God
by craig
Jul 2, 2014 1:37:48 GMT 3


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lindar: :) Jul 28, 2013 17:21:32 GMT 3
betterhalfofhos: I probably won't post much - I don't really bring a lot to the table in these types of debates, but I will definitely be watching, reading and learning.... in the shadows..... like a ninja (:)) Jul 29, 2013 17:07:14 GMT 3
Winman: I like the Recent Threads/Posts links under Threads and Posts, shows you where everyone has posted recently P-) Jul 30, 2013 23:45:11 GMT 3 *
Dr James Ach: Im playing around with the graphics. Don't panic if the screen changes color :) Jul 31, 2013 1:33:52 GMT 3
lindar: I like the new banner design....of the dead TULIP Jul 31, 2013 4:12:12 GMT 3
Dr James Ach: I got banned from Baptist Board LOL GOOD RIDDANCE Sept 11, 2013 6:39:27 GMT 3
heirofsalvation: Outstanding!!!!! Just witnessed your banishment Dr. J! Ah, how my heart SWELLS with pride at your successful banishment! Sept 16, 2013 19:55:38 GMT 3
genuinefaith: Love ya Dr. J and can't stand the management of BB, but...man...I read what happened in this incident...ah, bad day? Eh? :( Sept 18, 2013 6:23:56 GMT 3
Dr James Ach: Gee, thanks I think, HOS LOL Sept 18, 2013 23:18:02 GMT 3
Dr James Ach: Nah, it wasn't a bad day, it was a good day:) That's when I say the stuff that is normally bold enough to get me banned anywhere LOL Sept 18, 2013 23:18:59 GMT 3
genuinefaith: Here bro: baptistsymposium.com/forum/ ...brand new site, your guuna like the rules there, got some class, behave yourself ;) Sept 23, 2013 21:04:51 GMT 3
heirofsalvation: Agreed....Baptist symposium should be a good one! It's brand new. A former member of B.B. started it. He plans to have MUCH better moderation and no tom-foolery. Oct 8, 2013 0:34:53 GMT 3
Dr.Weismann: Those that have me on FB, if you have applied to this forum let me know on FB so I can check here. Jan 20, 2014 11:09:43 GMT 3
Dr James Ach: Elisha, if you are going to approve new members, you have to check your inbox old man! Jan 22, 2014 8:11:33 GMT 3
gregrfl: hello,looking forward to chatting with you all.site looks pretty cool thnx :) Feb 11, 2014 4:28:28 GMT 3
leastofthese: Hello, I will post my testimony 03/06/14 Blessings. Mar 6, 2014 12:31:47 GMT 3
Dr James Ach: I have added a new section at the bottom of the categories for IFB discussions that are not related to Calvinism Jun 29, 2014 5:12:27 GMT 3
Dr.Weismann: Thinking about banning that Ach youngster :) Jun 30, 2014 16:11:35 GMT 3
craig: HEY, ya'll got a new post here :) (grammar is a 'second' blessing LOL) Jul 1, 2014 20:45:18 GMT 3
standingfirminChrist: Dr. Weismann, when is lambing season in Israel? goole returns conflicting answers. Thanks in advance! Dec 15, 2015 11:15:48 GMT 3
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